2018 - 2019 Board Members

President – Mary Kellum 

President-Elect – Bonnie Botts 

Day Vice President and Advisor – Betty Meyer 

Night Vice President – Jeanne Mitchell

Secretary - Melinda McAfee 

Treasurer - Suzanne Zweiacker 

Day Block of the Month – Susan Burtrum  

Night Block of the Month – Bonnie Botts                

Day Hospitality – Lelia Heading, Alice Fowler 

Night Hospitality – Bonnie Botts 

Day Membership – Sue Adkison 

Night Membership – Susan Oliver 

Day Library – Kay Moore 

Night Library – Jan Pratt 

Newsletter – Barbara Motes 

Day Programs and Workshops – Lynn Martin and Jeannie Sneed

Night Programs and Workshops – Jeannie Sneed and  Stephanie Moore 

Publicity – Angela Criswell

Fundraising – Lisa Eckels 

Courtesy – Iris McPherson 

Day Quilts of Kindness – Linda Farrall 

Night Quilts of Kindness - Becky Adams 

Webmaster / Social Media – Mithin Rajesh 

Special Project/Quilt Show Sept. 2019   Jennifer Nicholson, Susan Oliver, Marilyn Trible