2019 - 2020 Board Members


President Bonnie Botts (518 935 3832)

President Elect Susan Oliver 

Day Vice President Penny Stover 

Night Vice President Marilyn Trible 

Secretary Kay Moore 

Treasurer Suzanne Zweiacker 

Advisor Mary Kellum 

Hospitality Day Alice Fowler and Lelia Heading 

Hospitality Night Robin Baker 

Library Day Jan Pratt 

Library Night Robin Baker 

Newsletter Lisa Eckels 

Programs Beth Furnish with Mary Kellum as assistant 

Publicity Angela Criswell--- Only till Quilt Show Fund Raising Susan Oliver Courtesy Iris McPherson 

Quilts of Kindness Day Linda Farrall 

Quilts of Kindness Night Becky Adams

 Webmaster /Social Media Mithin Selvaraj

Special Projects Quilt Show 

Jennifer Nicholson 

Susan Oliver 

Marilyn Trible