Programs 2019 and 2020 @ CVQG



Bonnie Botts and Susan Oliver - Revisiting Disappearing Nine Patches and some new versions. Bonnie and Susan will be bringing to the table the revisiting of older disappearing patches...with new versions available. They will have quilts to show as well as step by steps for each.


Holiday Party

2020 Jan

Sarah Atlee of the OKC Modern Quilt Guild - Cyanotype fabrics are exposed to the sun and can lead to some fun experimentation! Sarah will share the interesting things she's learned playing with cyantotype fabrics and bring several projects she's made.


Sew Day


Member Showcase - 3 members will tell of their quilt journey and show quilts


Tula Pink - We are so excited that the rock star quilter and fabric designer Tula Pink is coming to Oklahoma! We will be renting a van to drive any members there who are interested in going to Ponca City for the big event. The date will be a day before our regularly scheduled meeting (Mon. Apr 6). We will likely still meet the following day for our monthly meeting - tentatively with a program by Beth Furnish about how to use social media like Facebook and Instagram.




Leslie Lamb of the OKC Modern Quilt Guild - Leslie will describe Fibonacci sequences (a series of numbers, where each number is the sum of the previous two numbers) which show up in nature like the spiral of the nautilus. It turns out, you can do some fun piecing and quilting using Fibonacci sequences.